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Nodes and Network

XingFS features symmetrical and share-nothing architecture, in which the core is a distributed filesystem and clustered NAS. All the storage servers in a XingFS cluster are of same hardware configuration. A storage server in the cluster is called node hereinafter. A XingFS cluster consists of 3 to 255 nodes and scales by adding equivalent node(s) to get larger capacity and higher performance

Nodes and Network.png

A XingFS cluster is depicted by the below diagram. The nodes in a XingFS cluster are connected by the backend network. Data, metadata and cluster commands are transferred with it. It bases on Ethernet, and generally has two switches to improve the robustness. The addresses on backend Ethernet ports, by default, are in a self-managed IPv6 pool. Enabling RDMA on backend network, if it supports this function, can highly improve the performance

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